About Oregon Recovery

Oregon Recovery Behavioral Health is a leading outpatient substance-use counseling agency, providing treatment for alcohol and drugs and offering Suboxone services. We are a complete substance-use counseling agency with effective treatment models offered by experienced counselors. Our outpatient treatment services are personalized. Our treatment model embraces harm reduction, prevention, drug education, and relapse prevention. We treat all aspects of drug and alcohol use, abuse, and dependency. Our mission is to promote a health diverse community, while using diverse resources. Oregon Recovery does not subscribe to a single treatment model. We promote many evidence-based approaches. Each individual and each experience is unique, therefore, your treatment experience should be unique and personalized. We invite you to experience why Oregon Recovery Behavioral Health is the industry leader.

We understand that recovery can sometimes be a long process; however, we do guarantee that each individual will be presented all the skills and tools necessary to achieve long-term sobriety, if these skills and tools are utilized effectively.

Our promise to you is that you will be receiving our services with respect, receive impeccable service from our experienced counselors, and receive services in a clean, professional, and therapeutic environment.

About helping and healing

In order to deliver this promise, we embrace diverse treatment models. Our approach is inviting and welcoming. We view every person and their circumstance as unique, so we treat the individual versus focusing on the problem they have experience due to substance-use, including drugs and alcohol. All of our services and substance-use counseling services are personalized and designed to address your needs.

Your privacy and confidentiality are ensured!